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Do you Want to Take an ADF Exam? Find out About the Test Requirements

A career in the ADF can be a rewarding, challenging, and character building experience—but first, you must meet the entrance requirements. There are also a variety of different positions in the ADF, some of which may be more exciting to applicants than others. Getting into one of these highly-coveted positions can be a demanding and competitive task. Those of you aiming for a career in the ADF will want to make sure that you make a good impression on the people who will be determining your eligibility for them, and that you do so at the first possible opportunity.

The first gateway to career selection in most branches of the Australian military—including the Army, Navy and Airforce—is the ADF Exam. This aptitude test will assess your general reasoning skills and mathematical ability, both of which are crucial to many of the military’s most important jobs. Scoring well on the ADF Exam can put you on track to becoming a pilot or an officer while failing an ADF test can seriously slow down or set back a military career in the making. If you’re serious about following the path to such a job, you’ll want to learn as much as you can about the ADF requirements, so that you can prepare yourself to pass their exam with flying colours.

The most logical way to prepare for the ADF exam is to use the resources provided by Defence Ready. As of March, 31st 2017, Defence Ready offers an intuitive and easy-to-use platform that can help familiarise applicants with the ADF exam requirements and study the information most likely to help them achieve high scores on their first attempts. This platform includes explanations of how to answer the kinds of questions that appear on these tests, along with thorough explanations for the reasoning behind the correct answers. There’s even a practice ADF aptitude test that you can take to get a better idea of your readiness to tackle the official exam.

Familiarise Yourself with ADF Requirements by Taking Our Practice Test

Our free practice test takes only ten minutes and covers a range of questions similar to what you’ll find on the ADF exam. If you choose any incorrect answers while taking this test, the correct answer is revealed along with a comprehensive walkthrough of how to get there next time. This process can condition you to think along lines that will serve you better on the actual ADF exam, boosting your likelihood of achieving a high score.

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