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Help Secure Your Future When You Take an ADF Practice Aptitude Test

There are many good reasons to consider military service, including patriotism and a deeply felt obligation to give back to your country. However, the military can also be an excellent place to build a respectable career, and many people join the ADF for this exact reason. Whether you gravitate towards the Air Force, Navy, or Australian Army, you can achieve great things in the ADF. If you score highly on your ADF Aptitude Test, you might even find yourself working as an officer, a pilot, or in several other high profile military jobs.

The ADF Aptitude Test is a required step for anyone considering an officer role within the military. It is broken down into two parts. The first half of the test focuses on general knowledge, the English language, and contains an IQ test. It also requires the applicant to write a 250-word essay on why they have applied. The second part of the ADF Aptitude Test focuses on mathematics, including questions on series, geometry, basic algebra, calculus, and other subjects. Part 1 requires 75 questions to be answered in under half an hour, while part 2 gives only 12 minutes to answer 25 questions.

This test might sound intimidating, but there are demonstrably effective ways to approach ADF test practice that will boost your chances of passing the real test with flying colours. For the math sections, you might want to think about eliminating the answers that are obviously wrong, instead of trying to solve each question. This strategy can help you move through Part 2 of the aptitude test quite quickly, which is important when you’re under such a strict time limit. The best strategy for success on Part 1 of the test is to take an ADF Practice Test, which will help you become more comfortable with the material covered by the questions, and reduce your anxiety about answering them.

Choose Defence Ready for Your ADF Practice Aptitude Test

When you opt to take an ADF practice test through Defence Ready, you’ll quickly learn to feel comfortable with the way the ADF will test you on the actual exam. You’ll also gain the benefit of immediate feedback on your mistakes whenever they occur so that you can adjust the way you think about the questions. Remember, you won’t get many marks for interpretive answers—these tests will want you to approach their questions in very specific ways. The more practice tests you take in advance of the actual exam, the more likely you’ll be to tackle the material the way they expect you to.

Why Defence Ready is the Best Choice for Your Exam Prep

Defence Ready offers an entire suite of tools to help you prepare for a successful outcome on your ADF test, including our free practice test. If you’re looking for a more in-depth way to prepare, however, you can also gain permanent access to our other resources through a limited time promotional offer that allows you to pay a single up-front fee instead of a monthly membership. For more information on how we can help you succeed on the ADF Aptitude Test, contact us at your earliest convenience.

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