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ADF Rank Chart

As we are not affiliated with the Australian Defence Force we do recommend you consult the official ADF resources for the absolute latest rank charts. However there are some additional notes below on rank that are particularly relevant for you during your application phase.

You can also see a relatively current image by clicking here.

How you address recruiting staff can simply be a matter of listening to their introduction. However, if you can spot and identify their rank, then you can use that if appropriate.

For example, officer ranks can be addressed as Sir or Ma'am and other ranks like 'Sergeant' by that single rank.

Note: That Warrant Officers are also addressed as Sir or Ma'am.

Note that the ranks look fairly similar on the DPCU (or Multicam) of military personnel. Here is an example if the Army rank that you will see on the front 'slider' of their shirts:

Army Rank DPCU

(image courtesy of http://patcheswork.net/)


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