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Do you Want to Take an ADF Exam? Find out About the Test Requirements

A career in the ADF can be a rewarding, challenging, and character building experience—but first, you must meet the entrance requirements. There are also a variety of different positions in the ADF, some of which may be more exciting to …read more.

Help Secure Your Future When You Take an ADF Practice Aptitude Test

There are many good reasons to consider military service, including patriotism and a deeply felt obligation to give back to your country. However, the military can also be an excellent place to build a respectable career, and many people join the ADF …read more.

Take a Practice Aptitude Test for the Australian Army, Air Force, Navy or Defence Force

Aspiring to join the Australian Air Force, Army, or Navy is a noble goal, but it’s one that requires some real preparation. You won’t just need to be physically fit to work in the Australian Defence Force—you’ll also need to sharpen your mental skills. …read more.

Curious About the Joining Requirements for the Australian Army? Take a Practice Aptitude Test

There are few places in Australia where you’ll have the same opportunities to test your limits and provide a beneficial service than the Australian Army. In conjunction with the Royal Australian Navy and the Royal Australian Air Force, The Australian Army …read more.

Practice the Aptitude Test for the Australian Defence Force Ahead of Time

Joining the ADF isn’t a commitment that anybody should regard casually. The Australian Army, Navy, and Airforce provide essential services that keep the people of this nation safe and provide valuable opportunities for growth on both personal and …read more.

Take a Free Practice Aptitude Test for the ADF

Are you wondering how you would do on an ADF aptitude test? If you’ve ever thought seriously about a career in the military, it’s probably something you should consider. The thought of being a pilot or leading troops might sound exhilarating to you—and it …read more.

All the Help You Need to Join the Australian Air Force, Navy, Army or Australian Defence Force

Everyone who wants to join the Australian Air Force knows that it is no easy feat to excel at the initial exam and make it into the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Whether you want to join the Australian Army, the Australian Navy, or the Australian …read more.

Want to Join the Australian Defence Force? You Need to Know about the Australian Army, Air and Navy Requirements

It’s not easy to decide which career to pursue after completing education, but many people say there’s nothing better than joining the army. Those who join the Australian Defence Force (ADF) make new lifelong friends, learn about the world, push themselves …read more.

Embrace an Exciting Career in the Army or Air Force by Being Prepared for the Australian Defence Force Test

Joining the Australian Defence Force will change your life forever, not least because it’s an exciting career but also because you’ll understand the true meaning of responsibility and discipline. The success of an army unit depends on its team …read more.

Learn How to Join the ADF, Australian Army, Navy, and Air Force

Not everybody would enjoy a job in the army, but it’s a dream career for the right type of person. Joining the army, air force or navy gives you lifelong skills that will be useful long after your military career, and you’ll make friendships that will …read more.

How to Join the ADF in Australia and Prepare for an Air Force, Army or Navy Role

If you’ve recently applied to join the ADF (Australian Defence Force), you probably now realise that it’s a difficult job to secure. The Australian army is one of the most disciplined regiments in the world, and it only accepts applicants who can prove …read more.

Preparation Work for Joining the Air Force, Navy, or Army of Australia is Made Easy with Defence Ready

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is one of the most competitive military organisations in the world, and it puts applicants through a rigorous and challenging assessment. Joining the ADF is not easy and requires each of its applicants to be at …read more.

Joining the Australian Air Force, Army, or Navy, Can Be Difficult Without Preparation

Because of the high level of competition and standards needed to join the Australian Defence Force (ADF), the initial examination is intentionally difficult. Each applicant must work hard to prepare and perform at their best and exceed their …read more.

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