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Take a Practice Aptitude Test for the Australian Army, Air Force, Navy or Defence Force

Aspiring to join the Australian Air Force, Army, or Navy is a noble goal, but it’s one that requires some real preparation. You won’t just need to be physically fit to work in the Australian Defence Force—you’ll also need to sharpen your mental skills. There are a variety of tests required of people who want to pursue real careers in any of these organisations, including the Australian Defence Force Aptitude Test that every new member of the ADF must take as a preliminary measure. Scoring highly on this test can help you land roles as an officer later in your career, while low scores may prevent you from climbing the ranks and pose other challenges to your development.

Passing an Australian Air Force Aptitude Test, for example, is essential for those wishing to become pilots. There are also specific roles in other branches of the ADF that will require the applicant to pass an Australian Army Aptitude Test, or an Australian Navy Aptitude Test—depending on the job in question. Don’t be too worried about these tests, though—stress isn’t going to help your chances. What will increase your odds of getting a good score, however, is some good solid practice before your exam.

The myth that you can’t study for aptitude tests has very little bearing on truth whatsoever. While some people view aptitude tests as a way of measuring organic competencies, far more regard them as a benchmark for measuring how people think, as opposed to how well. That being the case, you can train yourself to achieve greater success on an aptitude test (even an IQ test) by taking practice tests ahead of time. These will get you to think along the same lines that the examiners expect when they devise the actual tests you’ll be taking to measure your “aptitude” and boost your likeliness of arriving at the correct answers.

How Defence Ready Can Help with Your Australian Defence Force Aptitude Test

Whether you’re trying to join the Army, the Air Force, or the Navy, you’ll find the Australian Defence Force practice tests offered by Defence Ready an excellent way to familiarise yourself with the nature of the material you’ll find on your exams. You’ll also receive in-the-moment corrections to wrong answers, with details on how to arrive at the correct result next time. Since the YOU session tests (including aptitude tests) are now computer-based, taking practice tests online with Defence Ready is also an excellent way to familiarise yourself with relevant test-taking conditions. We replicate the conditions of your real-life test to the best of our ability so that you can become as comfortable as possible with your circumstances on the day of the exam.

Comprehensive Assistance for Aspiring Pilots

For those of you with specific ambitions to fly in the Australian Air Force, Defence Ready offers hundreds of extra questions to prepare you for the additional Pilot Testing Day. You can get a taste of this on our free online quiz, and access even more resources when you register with us. Register now and you’ll gain lifetime access to all our tools for a single up-front payment, as opposed to being charged a fee each month. For more information on any of our tests, contact Defence Ready today.

Defence Ready has no affiliation with the Australian Defence Force or Defence Recruiting. Our preparation resources are not a direct replication of ADF testing and they do not guarantee selection.