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Embrace an Exciting Career in the Army or Air Force by Being Prepared for the Australian Defence Force Test

Joining the Australian Defence Force will change your life forever, not least because it’s an exciting career but also because you’ll understand the true meaning of responsibility and discipline. The success of an army unit depends on its team members’ ability to work together and follow orders, and that can only happen if the Australian Defence Force chooses the right candidates for the job. Not everybody has what it takes to endure harsh conditions under pressure, and that’s not even to mention the physically demanding nature of the work.

Of course, the Australian Army isn’t just looking for physically fit candidates – it needs people who are mentally ready to take on the task. The army only has room for people who have what it takes, and it only hires people with the right frame of mind. To find the right candidates, the Australian Defence Force requires all applicants to sit an aptitude test. You can pass the aptitude test easier and with flying colours if you know what to expect.

At Defence Ready, we’ve developed a range of comprehensive preparation materials to ensure you’re ready to complete the ADF Entry Exam successfully. We know that failing the test could delay your dream career for years in some cases, but there’s no reason to be unprepared if you study beforehand and know how to answer questions. If you want a better insight into how our products can help you, take the free quiz on our homepage. Below, we talk about some of the main benefits of being fully prepared for the Australian Army test using our preparation materials.

Score Highly on the Australian Defence Force Test

Even though the Australian Army and Air Force needs individuals with a diverse range of characteristics, they need to know you’re ready to take on a challenging job. Here’s how our materials can help you pass the Australian Air Force test.

  • Understand the aptitude test – Many candidates assume they’re exactly what the army needs and consequently fail to prepare for the aptitude test adequately. Our online training system simulates the real test and explains answers and explanations clearly to ensure you pass the real thing.
  • Fitness tips – Needless to say, you need to be in good shape to take on an army or air force role, meaning you’ll need to perform highly on the likes of bleep tests and fitness exams. Our resources offer top tips to help you increase your fitness levels.
  • Learn on the go – We understand it can be hard to find the time to study, which is why you can access our learning materials from just about any mobile device. Studying for five minutes at every opportunity will help you increase your score.

Look Forward to an Exciting Career

There’s nothing better than finding out you’ve been accepted into the army or air force, but it all starts with proving your mental and physical capabilities. With our learning materials, you can ensure you’re fully prepared to pass the Australian Defence Force test and land your dream job, so contact us today for further information.

Defence Ready has no affiliation with the Australian Defence Force or Defence Recruiting. Our preparation resources are not a direct replication of ADF testing and they do not guarantee selection.