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Practice the Aptitude Test for the Australian Defence Force Ahead of Time

Joining the ADF isn’t a commitment that anybody should regard casually. The Australian Army, Navy, and Airforce provide essential services that keep the people of this nation safe and provide valuable opportunities for growth on both personal and professional levels. That said, those of you thinking about joining the ADF have a responsibility to yourself, and your countrymen to fill positions wherein your skills are put to the greatest use. Getting to where you’ll be most effective will ensure that you’re providing the highest possible level of service and that your career will have the best chance of developing in a way that rewards you for your dedication.

One of the biggest milestones on the way to military career selection is the Aptitude Test for the Australian Defence Force. This test will be one of the first hurdles you’ll have to clear on your way to becoming an ADF officer, and will consist of 100 questions: 75 general questions that you must complete in under 30 minutes, as well as 25 maths questions that you must complete in under 12 minutes. Scoring well on this test can prepare you for a variety of important careers within the ADF, whereas a poor score can hold back efforts to significantly advance a military career. As such, it is important to make sure that you can succeed on this test the first time you take it.

One of the best ways to increase your chances of a high score on the ADF Aptitude Test is to take a Practice Aptitude Test. The Australian Defence Force encourages such methods to prepare people for their exams, and organisations like Defence Ready even offer a free Australian Defence Force Practice Aptitude Test on their website. Using this practice test can help you gauge your readiness for the actual ADF exam, and let you know what kind of questions to expect. For those of you who are aiming high in the ADF, this is an excellent resource and a step that you shouldn’t overlook.

How an Australian Defence Force Practice Aptitude Test Will Help You Prepare

Taking a practice test in preparation for your ADF exam gives you a variety of advantages. For starters, it helps you understand the ADF’s priorities when selecting candidates for potential leadership roles—for example, do the questions display a preference for mathematical skill or general reasoning? With this knowledge, you’ll be able to use your energy to prepare effectively, spending more time and effort on the areas given the most weight. The practice test can also help you identify correctable errors in the way you might think about questions, by flagging wrong answers and giving detailed explanations of how to arrive at the right ones.

Access More Resources from Defence Ready and Prepare for Your Test

In addition to free practice tests, Defence Ready also offers a vast number of different resources designed to help you succeed on your ADF exam. By joining now, you’ll be able to gain lifetime access to these services for a flat fee, as opposed to signing up at the normal monthly rate. For more information on Defence Ready or to start preparing for your ADF exams, contact Defence Ready today.

Defence Ready has no affiliation with the Australian Defence Force or Defence Recruiting. Our preparation resources are not a direct replication of ADF testing and they do not guarantee selection.