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Take a Free Practice Aptitude Test for the ADF

Are you wondering how you would do on an ADF aptitude test? If you’ve ever thought seriously about a career in the military, it’s probably something you should consider. The thought of being a pilot or leading troops might sound exhilarating to you—and it often is. Not only do high-level military positions provide adventure and train character, but they also render an essential service to the citizens who count on the ADF and its branches to keep them safe and secure. To be considered for one of these positions, however, it’s crucial that you demonstrate the right skills and competencies. It’s no easy task to determine who to trust with that kind of responsibility, which is why prospective applicants are required to pass an aptitude test beforehand.

You might be wondering how you can prepare to take an aptitude test—after all, don’t aptitude tests evaluate core competencies? As it turns out, it isn’t quite that simple. Much of a person’s success on any test can be a direct result of test-taking strategies and their ability to study the right areas beforehand. Even general aptitude tests can be rendered more or less difficult by the ways in which a person prepares for them. For that reason, it’s in your best interests to give yourself as much support as you can before taking an aptitude test for the ADF. You’ll want to seek out resources that familiarise you with the way the testers think, so that you can anticipate their questions and provide the correct answers.

You can find some of the most beneficial resources available to people interested in ADF careers through Defence Ready, a company that offers a broad range of resources for Defence Force applicants. Whether you’re interested in an Army, Navy, or Air Force career, you’ll find our platform provides in-depth information with an easy to use interface. You’ll also be able to take a free aptitude test similar to the ADF exam so that you can get a feel for the questions you’ll face ahead of time. When you trust Defence Ready to help you prepare, you’ll be able to take your exam with confidence.

Why You Should Practice Your Aptitude Test for the ADF

Getting practice for your ADF test will help you achieve a few crucial things—it will make you aware of the type of questions you’re likely to find on your actual aptitude test, and it will show you how you can think in ways that will guide you toward the right answers. Since many of the questions on the test have to do with general reasoning, this can be extremely important. For example, they might ask you what stands out to you about a certain image in a series. While this kind of open-ended question might have numerous answers to the kind of person who thinks creatively, the ADF will be looking for an answer rooted in the kind of logic they expect from their officers and key members.

Get Even More from Your Test Prep with Defence Ready

Now, Defence Ready is offering lifetime access to our entire preparation platform for a single flat rate, which is an excellent way to save money by avoiding monthly fees. If you want to arm yourself with every possible tool to help you ace your ADF exams, contact us and learn more about how we can help you excel in your career today.

Defence Ready has no affiliation with the Australian Defence Force or Defence Recruiting. Our preparation resources are not a direct replication of ADF testing and they do not guarantee selection.