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Learn How to Join the ADF, Australian Army, Navy, and Air Force

Not everybody would enjoy a job in the army, but it’s a dream career for the right type of person. Joining the army, air force or navy gives you lifelong skills that will be useful long after your military career, and you’ll make friendships that will last forever as well as learn how to push yourself as far as you can. If you join the ADF, you could potentially travel the world, save lives, protect your country, and make the world a better place. However, you need to learn how to join the ADF if you have ambitions to chase this type of career.

It takes more than just determination and a genuine passion for the military to join the army, navy, or air force – you need to show the recruiters that you’re mentally and physically right for the job. Australia’s military recruitment process is notoriously strict, but that’s because it maintains a highly skilled and adept defence force. If you want to learn how to join the Australian Army, you first need to understand how to pass the ADF entry exams.

At Defence Ready, we’ve developed a range of comprehensive learning resources to help you pass the aptitude and physical exams with flying colours. The ADF sets these tests to find suitable candidates and subsequently assign them the most appropriate position, meaning the higher you score on the entry exams, the more positions you’ll have open to you. Keep reading below to find out how our resources can prepare you for the army, navy and air force exams.

How to Join the Australian Air Force, Navy or Army

When you apply for a job in the military, you’ll be competing with potentially thousands of other hopeful candidates who are trying to score higher on their entry exam than you. If you prepare for the exam adequately, you’ll significantly increase your chances of success. Here’s a quick breakdown of what the ADF tests are for to help you understand how to join the Australian Navy, Air Force or Navy.

  • Aptitude test – The aptitude test assesses your ability in abstract reasoning, verbal reasoning, and literacy and numeracy skills. The ADF needs to know how you’ll make decisions in the field, and they can’t afford to hire anybody who isn’t right for the job. Our learning resources teach you what they’re looking for and how to answer questions to help you pass the aptitude test with flying colours.
  • Physical fitness – As you might expect, you need to be in good shape to join the armed forces, so you should practice your bleep test and sit ups as much as possible before your entry exam. Our resources offer top tips to increase your physical fitness to help you outshine the competition.
  • Specialist exams – If you want to be an officer or a pilot, or any other specialist military personnel, you need to pass additional exams specifically tailored to your desired role. Our materials ensure you’ll learn everything you need to know to earn the position you want.

Start Learning Today

If you’d prefer to start preparing right away, head to our homepage and try our free quiz. If you like what you see and want to jump straight in, we’ll be in touch promptly to arrange the resources that are most useful to you.

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