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All the Help You Need to Join the Australian Air Force, Navy, Army or Australian Defence Force

Everyone who wants to join the Australian Air Force knows that it is no easy feat to excel at the initial exam and make it into the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Whether you want to join the Australian Army, the Australian Navy, or the Australian Air Force, you will be challenged to do your best in the ADF examination.

To do your best and prove that you are apt enough to join the Australian Defence Force, you must study, practice, and exercise with discipline. It is important to make a great impression upon your ADF examiners and counsellors so that you will have the richest career future with the ADF.

Defence Ready is a training system that will help you perform at your best during the ADF examination. No matter which part of the ADF you are interested in joining, you can find the help you need to join the Australian Air Force, Army, or Navy. Get started in your training by completing our free aptitude test.

One Quick Quiz Will Help You to Join the Australian Defence Force

If you would like to join the Australian Army, Navy, or Air Force, you will have to perform successfully in your initial assessments and examinations. The will be a challenge no matter which position you want, but the training will be even tougher for officer and pilot positions. The initial testing phase is the most important step in determining your ADF future.

Now, our free aptitude quiz is live and ready to get you started in your training. Our quiz will give you a preview of the testing one will experience as an ADF applicant. Those who want to join the Australian Navy, Air Force, or Army will see where they need to improve to perform at their best during testing. Defence Ready can assist applicants in attaining any position.

Take Advantage of a Range of Career Options

Candidates to join the Australian Defence Force go through initial testing, in which they are assessed and monitored by ADF officials. These tests measure their physical, mental, and psychological strengths. In this way, your initial examinations are the most important step in determining your future in the ADF. Defence Ready can strengthen your aptitude for any position within the ADF.

Defence Ready is designed to help applicants prepare for any position they want. No matter which branch of the ADF or which role they want to take, candidates can approach a vast range of career options by studying with Defence Ready and doing well with their exams.

A career with the ADF is one that will be steady and financially beneficial to those who are ready to accept its obligations. Positions that garner a higher salary, of course, require more training and preparedness than everyone can muster. Get started with our free assessment quiz, and get to know the challenges of your initial exams. Defence Ready will get you started on a great career.

Defence Ready has no affiliation with the Australian Defence Force or Defence Recruiting. Our preparation resources are not a direct replication of ADF testing and they do not guarantee selection.