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Preparation Work for Joining the Air Force, Navy, or Army of Australia is Made Easy with Defence Ready

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is one of the most competitive military organisations in the world, and it puts applicants through a rigorous and challenging assessment. Joining the ADF is not easy and requires each of its applicants to be at peak physical, mental, and psychological conditions.

To make a powerful impression upon your assessors and counsellors, you must spend a lot of time preparing and studying for your initial examinations. Joining the Air Force of Australia, especially if you want to become a pilot, can be a big challenge. That is why Defence Ready covers every part of the initial assessment.

Joining the Army of Australia can be achieved by applicants who study with Defence Ready. Joining the Navy of Australia is also possible with our training system. No matter where you want to go after joining the ADF, Defence Ready can prepare you. Get started today with our free aptitude quiz.

Joining the ADF Could Be the Best Decision of Your Life

Applicants who study, train, and practice before beginning their initial examinations have a much better chance of joining the ADF and finding the position that is perfect for them. The best applicants can claim their desired roles and begin a beneficial career with the ADF. The highest leaders in the ADF have all worked hard to ace their initial testing before joining the Air Force of Australia or any other branch of the ADF.

By using Defence Ready when training for their ADF exams, many applicants have embarked on fulfilling, steady, and desirable careers. Defence Ready has helped candidates not only enter the ADF but also grab the position that makes them the happiest. If joining the Army of Australia is your dream career, consider starting with Defence Ready.

If you are ready to begin your training with Defence Ready, try out the free aptitude test on our site. Our free quiz will show you questions similar to those in your ADF exams and illustrate which areas you need to improve to perform at your best. ADF applicants interested in joining the Navy of Australia can start studying today with our free test.

Now, Read How Our Quick Quiz Has Assisted Others Like You

The process of selection for the newest entrants into the ADF has no shortage of applicants, and it is only the most qualified candidates that can make it through. Our mission at Defence Ready is not just to help talented test-takers succeed but to reach everybody who dreams of joining the ADF. Everyday people have been able to achieve their desired careers after beginning with our aptitude test.

Our page, “Why Choose Us?” features testimonials and reviews by satisfied individuals who have achieved success after choosing Defence Ready. Our digital study materials make studying and preparing easy, and you will be surprised with how much you can learn. Get started with our free quiz and get a taste of Defence Ready.

Defence Ready has no affiliation with the Australian Defence Force or Defence Recruiting. Our preparation resources are not a direct replication of ADF testing and they do not guarantee selection.