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MATHS MADE EASY: Without a calculator...

Many of the general ability test questions in your YOU session exams are - at their core - mathematics questions. Most Defence applicants will not even finish this aptitude test and one of the primary reasons is losing time on these mathematics questions. 

However, with the right mathematics foundations you can rapidly improve both speed and accuracy throughout the test. This means you will answer MORE questions and get MORE of them correct. All without a calculator.

Blitz the mathematics and numerical word problem questions with your step by step guide to making maths EASY!


This is an INSTANT ACCESS course. You will get immediate access to your online quizzes, tutorials, training videos and more. If you’re not 100% satisfied, simply send us an email within 7 days and we will refund your purchase.

PLUS… we have a second money back guarantee that if you complete our entire program and then sit the exams and fail - we will also refund you.

I would like to thank John and all the Defence Ready team for all the effort they have put into preparing all the materials to help applicants for the Defence Force to get ready for their 'Big Day' and succeed like I did in my YOU session.

All the materials cover every detail in order to prepare you for the YOU session. The most useful thing I found which helped me a lot in my Defence Aptitude Test is that I was taught how to solve the questions and learn tips to find the answers in a short time. In addition to the sample tests which gave me the chance to practice and assess myself before the real test on the day.

Thanks again because with your help I was able to pass my aptitude test with a score high enough to get the position I wanted to apply for!

ADF Applicant                 

Just writing to say I'm finding your Defence Ready resources extremely helpful with my application process with the ADF. I found your tips on the physical demands expected of us (sit-ups, push-ups and Beep Test) extremely useful, especially the tip on proper turning technique for the shuttle runs. I'm an active jogger however after reading your story I'm going to start focussing on going through the training techniques.

I want to personally thank you for putting in so much time and effort into these resources. They really helped me, and still are, with my exciting journey into the ADF.

 ADF Applicant                 

Thanks to you I have successfully completed and passed my YOU session! You were a huge help and I highly recommend this to my friends looking to join!

ADF Applicant                 

Thanks for your help in bringing me up to speed with the testing. Your site helped tremendously. Your tutorials were a game changer for me.

 ADF Applicant                 

Just came out of my YOU session. Went good all thanks to the Defence Ready package. Without you guys I wouldn't have done well in the aptitude test.

 ADF Applicant                 

I would like to give John Ashburton and Defence Ready the recognition they deserve for the wonderful material they have created for applicants such as myself: your work is truly appreciated. Thank you.

 ADF Applicant                 

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