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Your performance in ADF Selection is determined by the standard of your preparation.

At Defence Ready you benefit from the experience of military and police training selection systems to provide you custom packages to massively increase your chances. Not just of being selected for the ADF, but of getting the service and the position you really want.

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“ADF selection tests are a series of hoops to jump through. If you have the right tools and strategies, you can easily stand out from the thousand of less prepared applicants.

During my own preparations for selection I needed to go outside of Australia to find enough suitable resources to quickly prepare for the range of selection tests. Although I went on to be selected for the very next intake, I thought the preparation available was too long and inefficient.

The products available here are now the result of years of work in compiling a thorough preparation system without unnecessary repetition or irrelevant material. These packages are designed to optimise your performance in the shortest amount of time.”

John Ashburton

Defence Ready has no affiliation with the Australian Defence Force or Defence Recruiting. Our preparation resources are not a direct replication of ADF testing and they do not guarantee selection.